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Cozy, toasty campfire reading

No doubt, if you are the rustic outdoorsy type, you’ll be headed for a campout this summer. There are several cozy campfire books for children of all ages to help encourage and get your youngsters ready for that trip outdoors. So huddle by the fireside, warm up some Jiffy Pop and enjoy some these newer books and some old favorites.

Most recently published, Camping Day by Patricia Latkin is a story about a family of crocodiles who decide on day to go camping. In this simple rhyming book, we get a chance to see Sam, Pam, Will and Jill as they set out on their camping trip adventures from the house to the campfire. Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter enjoys a backyard camping adventure with his little sister in Just Camping Out (2000) and later goes on a real camping trip in Just Me and My Dad (2001). Little Critter is sure to bring a smile to your little ones as he survives his stumbles and mistakes helping his dad with the camping tasks. Our old friend, Curious George, is up to his old tricks and mischief, as he and his friend the man with the yellow hat take a camping trip together in Curious George Goes Camping (1999) by Margaret Rey and H.A. Rey.

Cozy, crackling, campfire

Cozy, crackling, campfire

Now your older kids may enjoy a ghost story as they relax next to the crackling embers. The Ghost’s Grave by Peg Kehret (2007) is a great summer read. When young Josh is sent to his Aunt Ethel’s house for the summer he is sure that he will be bored to tears. He is in for a great surprise of adventure and haunting. This will surely be a chilling story to read as the campfire’s flames dance among the backdrop trees and the forests hollow sounds.

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare your kids for your trip. Two more recent camp guides for kids include; Campout! The Ultimate Kid’s Guide by Lynne Brunette (2007) and The Girls Guide to Campfire Activities by Elizabeth Encarnacion (2008). The manuals have great tips on how kids can help and learn the lay of the land. There is even a guide to hosting and “indoor” camping party. These useful “how to” kids guides to camping are a must for your trek into the great outdoors or the indoors.

For more information on ordering  these titles click here. Check out Mercer Mayer’s interactive site and s’more campfire reading  for children.

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