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Valley Book News

This summer has been no picnic for the residents and lawmakers of Pennsylvania. Our state’s representatives and senators are still at an impasse as to how or when to pass the state budget. Many Pennsylvania  residents and workers are continuing to rally the state capital. These folks are trying to save much needed publicly funded programs. Yes, Pennsylvania’s public and social service funding is in jeopardy.

One of the most treasured of public services that is at risk is our state’s public library system. In July, library patrons were being asked to voice their concerns and tell Harrisburg and other representative how it would affect the community if the Public Library System’s funding was cut back. And in August,  Lehigh Valley residents were already feeling the affects of the state budget crisis as the South Branch of the Allentown Public Library closed it’s doors.

Allentown Public Library - South Branch, located at 6th St & W. Emaus Ave, Allentown, PA

Allentown Public Library - South Branch, located at 6th St & W. Emaus Ave, Allentown, PA

Sure it may seem like a small issue, but with state’s unemployments rates rising and the literacy issues at hand. Our public library system and other publicly funded programs are vital to the Pennsylvania residents.

Until a decision is made and Harrisburg hears our voices, we have to keep doing what is best for our communities and children; support and contribute to our public programs and stay involved in the events going on within your state and country. These decisions that our representatives and senators are making are going to affect our childrens’ future, education and life. It may be for a short time but it may also be the wrong time. Keep your voices active and do your part to keep our public libraries, public  and social services funded appropriately.

2 Responses to Valley Book News

  1. I spent so many summers at the South Branch Library because I grew up just down the street. I was so sad to hear that it closed. It makes me angry that everything has a bottom line. Plus, this budget crisis is wrecking havoc on social services. Some counties are laying off worker!

  2. I know how you feel…this constant bickering at the state and federal level is hurting all of the citizens. It’s almost like we have nothingleft to work with. They are already prepared to cut much needed public services and we have seen it in our own local communities – the Allentown Public Library – South Branch closing.