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How to convey President Obama’s message to young children through literature

During this past week we have heard the President speak on educational responsibility; making your mark, creating and molding your talents [as a great writer, scientist] to serve and contribute to your school and community. It is tough to rationalize these virtues to young children. Many folks thought that the President’s speech to school children on Tuesday, although well spoken, missed its mark to speak to America’s  youngest of school children. Perhaps the message conveyed needs to be filtered and simplified for the youngest of school children to understand. Using stories, tales, fables and fiction can teach these lessons to young children.

Tales like The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds and The Clever Stick by John Lechner  are stories that children can relate to, because they use and require the imagination to drive and motivate free expression. Imagination, self discovery and free expression pave the way to possibilities that can be great character and self esteem qualities later in life.

Again during this week when students have been called to a social responsibility and many adults have been called to voice their concerns and make their contributions to community and government alike, this tale speaks to our youngest of children to find and mold their special gifts and talents. Let us all support our little ones in their journeys to find their voices and make their mark in the world.

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