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November News: Native American Heritage Month and Thanksgiving

This past month has brought some new light to things otherwise left unknown. This past month Native American Heritage Month peeked my interest in what types of literature has been written to share America’s Native cultural roots with children. Also, being of Iroquois decent, appreciating Native American culture is important to me. However, a few selected books we featured for the month of November. These books included The Mud Pony, The Legend of the Cape May Diamond, When the Shadbush Blooms and An Algonquian Year. All of these are historical fiction, picture books for young children to enjoy – they tell of many oral stories, Native traditions, share the connection between the tribes of the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jerse, New York and New England regions of America.

Embrace and share the roots of America's first founders

November also featured a hibernation tale in What Will I Do Without You?  and a tale about firendship in Fox Makes Friends. These cute tales about unlikely friendships are a good teaching tool for social settings with young children.

The cornucopia is full of thanksgiving books!

November was certainly a month that went quickly but not before plucking a thankful tale from the cornucopia. These tales are sure to please and find a thankful spirit in your twos, threes, fours and more.

I hope this coming month brings out a thankful, joyus and giving heart for another wonderful holiday season.

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