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Packing up Christmas…

Christmas has passed and the New Year has made its way into our lives. We are tired and weary and the kids are still running you ragged. Have no fear parents for the first day “back” to school is near. Only a few more days until we settle into 2010. If you are lucky enough or you just like to savor the holiday a bit longer, Russian Christmas is only a few days away. If you follow on Examiner, The Twelve Blessings of Christmas, a wonderful family book was covered for the holidays.

A wonderful Christmas book to share and add to the collection!

This book was a wonderful addition to my Christmas plans and helped me really to see Christmas in a new light. I recommend it for sharing with family, friends and little ones.

With the humble and peaceful charm of Christmas Eve, there is always time for just a bit of fun for the kiddies. If you happen to be local to Emmaus, Pennsylvania or any where in the “Pennsylvania Dutch” area of Lehigh, Berks counties then you might “chust” enjoy this little Night Before Christmas tale

Pennsylvania Night Before Christmas by Chet Williamson

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day came and went but there were a few “special days” before and after that bear some recognition at this special season. December 24th was National Egg Nog Day and December 26th is National Candy Cane Day. One very special story that was also covered on Examiner was The Legend of the Candy Cane.  Whether the legend of the candy cane is true or not – the inspiration behind it is truly magical and makes the meaning of Christmas even more special.

A heartwarming and inspirational story about the gift of Christmas!

The day after Christmas is also the start of a very special celebration for African Americans  – the Swahili first fruits harvest observance of Kwanzaa – and is a great lead into the new year’s goals and plans.  Kwanzaa’s seven principles are centered around family, creativity, community, ancestral values and goals.

Celebrate Kwanzaa's seven principles this New Year!

 AS you pack up Christmas this year…look toward this New Year with fresh eyes, open minds,  faith focused hearts and strive for your goals and values with honest hearts. Share these thoughts with your little ones and perhaps share some of these holiday books this next Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year.

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