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Toddlers n’ Twos: Fun, Food and Fantasy

Lemon Whip by Razvan, adapted by Deborah Stupple

 Do you ever wonder: what happens to the cake (and any other goodies for that matter) when you put them in the refigerator and the next time you go to have a bit they are gone?  Do you immediately go and seek out the culprits in your house? The kids, your husband etc. Well if you ever have a chance, get your hands on this little read. Lemon Whip by Razvan, adapted by Deborah Stupple. You’ll “really wonder” after reading this sweet little tale.

This lemony lusious adventure will have your imagination soaring. The quick and matter of fact little rhymes thoughout the book are perfect for an active and happy storytime for twos and threes.  The cute, colorful art work is perfect to catch the eyes of little ones. Short, quick and cute text is part of a good toddler book. The other part is the pictures – colors, colors, colors, bright and cheery! And remember, especially with little ones – twos and threes- how you read is so important. Read with excitement, expression and happiness – toddlers are full of all three – ALL THE TIME!!!

They’ll be glued to the pages and stuck on each word as Cake and Lemon travel far and wide, across seas and over hills, orchards and trails.  You may even want to play a game of pat-a cake afterwards. Or you could just have a yummy cherry cake and some lemonade – if you have a sweet tooth. [@dominosugar has a lemony recipe] Or see Sweets & S’morsels Cakery for a Lemon Cake recipe.

Feed your craving, have some fun, food and fantasy and take a trip with Lemon Whip. Read Lemon Whip full article review on Examiner.com.

For more of Razvans books check out AbeBooks.com.

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