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Max Lucado’s You Are Special and Best of All

This week on Allentown Children’s Books Examiner, the featured author is Max Lucado. This is running in conjunction with The Tallest of Smalls book giveaway! This blog will follow all the Examiner.com posts this week.

Today the story focus was You Are Special, a story about a village of wooden people called, “Wemmicks” who have a tendancy to make a “mark” on each other. Sometimes these marks are bad – hurtful. And one Wemmick in particular believes that he is not as good as the other Wemmicks until he meet one special Wemmick and more importantly Eli the woodcarver. Read the full article review on Examiner.com.


Cover of You Are Special by Max Lucado

Remember that “you are special” to God and that is what matters most! May God Bless you and yours.

Thursday on Allentown Children’s Books Examiner, Max Lucado’s sequel to You Are Special was featured. In his book, Best of All, our firend Punchinello faces new challenges as his ances-tree is questioned by a famous Wemmick named Bess Stovall. She comes to town boasting of her Wonderful Wemmick’s Club and cetain Wemmicks become outcasts, especially, Punchinello. He happens to be made a special, yet often thought of as inferior or weak, wood. See how Punchinello over comes his obstecals and becomes “best of all”. See the full article review on Examiner.com.


Cover of Best of All by Max Lucado

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  1. We haven’t read many of Lucado’s books yet. I’ve been meaning to check some of them out, but just haven’t got around it yet! This is the first time I’ve been on your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I love all of his books. Don’t tell but I read them to my kinder kids!


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