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Just a little press: What’s in the Bible? Coming Soon!

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and founder of  Big Idea Productions (1990), had a vision and mission to bring the “Bible to life for kids” and make God and faith a real experience for children.  His idea started off very simple back when Veggie Tales first soared the air waves – “God made you special and He loves you very much.” A very important point and a great start to sharing the message of the Bible with kids.

With Veggie Tales popularity the focus  became lost and clogged up amongst corporate clutter. Vischer’s mission seemed lost and gone for a long time. But now that original vision and mission has come to life with the help of Tyndale House Publishers and Jellyfish Labs.

What’s in the Bible? is set to be released March 2010. Lively puppets, songs and visuals will bring God, Jesus and all the Bible’s history and teachings to life. Watch for more on this new DVD series by Phil Vischer and Tyndale House Publishers.

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