The Luckiest Week in March

Top O’ the Rainbow Craft

Hopefully, the luck will continue this week. Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day and the March Madness is still ongoing. Earlier in the month the Allentown Preschool Examiner debut talked about March Themes for Preschool and Monday began with all kinds of Irish themed activites for this week and hopefully a colorful ending.

One of the Saint Patrick’s Day stories  highlighted on Tuesday for Twos was Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day! by Joan Holub.

Eventhough, the leprechauns have played their tricks and left their green tracks about the classroom – the themes can still continue. Hopefully, your lions and lambs weather chart is going well (and it seems that the lambs have finally arrived and March will end sheepishly). Next week our focus will be Lion and Lamb literature. Later on this week we will talk about rainbows and color filled activities that you and your students will be able to enjoy. So let the luck continue and enjoy the many March/Spring themes this week for your March Madness. 

Watch for a separate post featuring some media and highlights for What’s in the Bible? a new series by Phil Vischer.

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