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Christian Children’s Media: What’s in the Bible?

Back in February, Miss Shari’s Storytime featured the preview information for Phil Vischer’s new project with Tyndale House Publishers, What’s in the Bible? Well, the DVD’s are now gracing the stores and hopefully children are learning more about the Bible.

With the success and change of Veggie Tales and Big Idea Productions – creator Phil Vischer wanted to continue on his original mission to let children know that “God created them, He made them special and He Loves them very much.”  With the help of Tyndale House Publishers, Vischer’s mission has come to fruition.

What’s in the Bible? is packed with fast moving information, interaction, songs, skits and more. Your young ones will learn a lot about this great book that we call the Bible. And they will learn important lessons about the Bible from beginning to end.

You can find the first two DVDs in stores now and DVD 3 is set for release very soon.  Read the full review of What’s in the Bible?

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  1. These Dvd’s are the best! My children watch them nonstop, and truth be told I have learned a whole lot also.

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