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June: Graduation, flying dragons and some crayons

As quickly as June came, it was gone and now July has almost hit the halfway maker it is hard to believe that summer is almost over.

Here are some of the things that happened at storytime while June was “flying” by.

For starters, a few great graduation books were featured at storytime. A great new book by Deborah Underwood is  A Balloon for Isabel complete with colorful illustrations, a great storyline and a surprise ending. The other less well-known gift book Celebrate! Your Amazing Achievements was also a feature here at storytime. This large Readers Digest gift book, is interactive, colorful and the perfect gift for grads young and old. It was a gem to share here at storytime. These two tales are sure to be a part of any teacher’s collection for years to come and stand right up there with classics like Dr. Seuss’ Oh. The Places You’ll Go!  

Our final tale, actually is quite local Michele Mack’s Henry Fickle and the Magic Dragon of Pennsylvania is a tribute to Lehigh Valley. In this story, young inventor Henry Fickle is chosen for a great mission; to bring hope, charity and change to the children of Pennsylvania. With some focus on the recent recession, Mack’s challenge to readers is to offer support to friends and family, especially in this time of great need financially and socially. It was truly and honor to meet a local author and have the chance to review this book and be a part of it’s success in the Lehigh Valley.

Just like Henry and Zor, summer is flying by. We’ve had a busy month and a heat wave. Things have settled too with the great cake caper and now storytime is looking up.  So stay cool and active. See you at storytime!!!

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  1. Legend tells that the dragon’s eggs lay beside riverbanks for a thousand years. Classic Books for Children

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