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Playtime, bedtime and snack time

This weeks’ storyime featured a day’s worth of activities. So storytime was active this week.

First up, was Push Button by Aliki. In this very active learning story, we meet “Push Button Boy” he loves to explore the world of buttons. There are buttons and dials on his toy phones, toy cars, elevators, music boxes, hoses, vacuums, toasters and more. This curious little boy explores every button until his finger gets sore.

I know, you are wondering what does this clever lad do now? Well he opens his books and discovers even more fun to be had. He sees the characters in his picture books running, jumping, playing and he soon discovers there are more than just buttons for things. Yes, this little “push button boy” learns to creatively explore all aspects of his world. This book’s features, bright colors, bold illustrations, rhyme and storyline are a wonderful integration of creative expression and early learning. Truly more than just color and story, as expressed in mixed reviews. What? This story was fantastic. A true keeper and great toddlers and twos read!!!

Next up, after a day of play, is a bedtime story. A classic and favorite is the famous Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Now another book has joined the mix, Goodnight Moon ABC An Alphabet Book.  While nothing will replace the original Goodnight Moon, supplements to this wonderful bedtime story will keep the appreciation for this wonderful bedtime story alive for years to come.

Share this and all the Goodnight Moon activities with your little ones. Have a great day at play and restful night with “Goodnight Moon”.

 And if the next day has you wondering if your children really recognize their letters, well try this activity on for size.  

I have never personally tried this activity with preschool children, but I always wanted to. The idea came to mind as I stared into a bowl of pretzels on afternoon. I wondered if the kids would be able to recognize letters? I do remember several snack times ago, as the children munched on pretzels and juice, hearing “Miss Shari it’s the letter Oo, Pp,etc.” “Look, I made the letter T.” You get my drift. So I thought maybe one day I’ll try it. And maybe one day I will. It just came to mind and thought I’d share, something different, simple but memorable.

Have a great weekend, share some “Goodnight Moon” and some snack time, too!

FTC: Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers for the reviewer copies of Push Button by Aliki and Goodnight Moon ABC An Alphabet Book based on the book by Margaret Wise Brown.

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