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Bats, Hats and Scaredy Cats

 For some true fun this Halloween, an old fuzzy, friend is back – Splat the Cat is gearing up for Halloween in Scaredy – Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton. Read the full article review here.

Splat is just an adorable fuzzy black cat but he wants to win the prize for the scariest cat this year. He has plans to scare the socks off of every cat at Cat School! Literally. But before he can even get ready, he is scared silly by a little furry spider. To face his fears, he gets dressed up as a scary sock spider. But he jumps and skitters away when his friends, Plank and Spike yell, BOO! Splat is having little luck being scary this Halloween – but when Mrs. Whimpydimple tells a ghost story, scared-cat, sock spider Splat screeches and skitters, tossing his jack-o-lantern in the air and right on his head. Roaming and moaning about he finally becomes the Scariest Cat at Cat School.

Thanks to HarperCollins for providing a copy of Scaredy-Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton for review. This book was given to a local kindergarten class.

Another Halloween favorite and among the Top Picks this Halloween is Harry Behn’s Halloween, illustrated by Greg Couch.

This story is a great spooky, eery Halloween tale. It’s rhyming text and clever illustrations make it an edge of your seat thrill. Couch turns this 1944 English poem into a wonderful work of art.

Although the book does entertain the mysticism and magic of the holiday in a harmless way –  I recommend prereading it before sharing it with your children. There is nothing gorish or awfully scary in the book. It is a great work of art – an old fashioned, English Halloween poemwith true Hallows Eve tradition. You can hear the “dead leaves fly…’ as  sprites and elves dance round every word and verse, coupled by very clever, detailed and soft illustrations. This is one of my all time favorite Halloween books. For more information on Halloween by Harry Behn, you can read the full article commenary here.

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