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Early nights by the light of the moon…

This week was long, difficult and dark…yes surly the time change had us dragging a little and little ones were apprehensive as the dark sky set in earlier than normal. It is amazing how an hour of our time really gets us out of our groove and young children are the first to really have a hard time with these early nights.

Many children have a hard time with the dark (I did) – night lights, glow sticks and light chasers are a comfort for many children. Fear of the unknown is also very scary – even for us big kids. In Tuesday’s feature Go Away Dark Night by Liz Curtis Higgs, we meet a little boy named Griffin. Griffin is a great little boy; he loves his dog, his cat and even the goldfish. But one thing Griffin is terrified of is the dark. The darkness of the “starless night sky” and the “nighttime sounds” frightens Griffin awfully. He is quivering and shaking under his covers and he doesn’t know what to do. He tries to talk to his friend and ends up feeling like a “scaredy-cat”. Finally, its his Mama to the rescue. Mama tells Griffin that God is there to protect him through the night and anything. With this reassurance from his Mama and trusting God, his protector and friend will be beside him, he has nothing to fear as nighttime draws near.

And if your were ever wondering who “hung the moon”, who did all the stuff behind the scenes, who was it that was good at everything? It was mom.

You remember as a very young child, and I hear it now as I care for young kids, mom is awesome. This latest from mother, actress and children’s book author Jamie Lee Curtis, My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story is a book about every mom. The wonders of mom as a little girl/boy are amazing, she did it all, she was the best and the brightest, she was a rock star. Her cookies were stellar, her smile was the brightest and she scared away all the monsters, she was the best of all and she [still] does [do] it all!!!

Check out Jamie Lee Curtis’s website for books, tips, mom chat and more.

For Mother’s Day and every day – check out My Mommy Hung the Moon by Jamie Lee Curtis. Thank you to HarperCollins for a review copy.

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  1. These look so sweet, thanks for sharing!

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