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Falling into Fairytales

This week at storytime we’ve been falling into some fairytales. Why? Well, it is fall and fairytales are classic – everyone remembers hearing the tales of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and more as a child – and many children today know a few of these classics from Disney’s movies (Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin). These “happily ever after” stories are still a great part of childhood and the “awe”, that after hundreds of years children are still hearing these tales.

The first tale this week was Snow White by Jane Ray. This amazingly, detailed board book is exquisite. A mini pop-up theatre, in five separate “sets” telling the story of Snow White – her nemisis the wicked queen, her seven friends the dwarves and her Prince Charming. With the holiday’s quickly approaching this could be a perfect gift book to share. See full article review and information here.

Another classic fairytale this week was “Red” – The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood by Agnese Baruzzi. In this twist on the story of Red, the Wolf and Granny – you see a different side of what happened before Red Riding Hood ventured into the forest with a basket of goodies for Granny. This hilarious and interactive mixed media book is “truly” and big hit with kids.

When introduced to a local class here in the Lehigh Valley all eyes and minds were engaged in the many pop-ups, flaps and fold outs of this storybook. Not to mention, they were amused at the twists and goofy events in the story line. Find out about what really happened in The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood by Agnese Baruzzi. Is she cute little girl that meets with danger or is there another side to this “red caped” little las?  More details and a full article review here.

Thank You to Candlewick Publishers for providing both books for review.

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