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A Collection of Holiday Treasures

Happy Holidays!!! Yes it has been an awesome month of stories and activities for all! This last few weeks we have been looking at a few books for this Christmas holiday season.

First on our list was A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season published by Thomas Nelson. We featured this on Allentown Preschool Examiner, Allentown Children’s Books Examiner and Shari’s Sentiments. It is a great book to get into the season of Advent – it has devotions, verses, stories, activities and more. It is a a great way for the whole family to be involved in preparing the special day of Christmas. It really makes the season of Advent more meaningful and it goes by a little bit slower.

Another story that was featured was Lucia Saint of Light by Katherine Bolger Hyde. It is a neat story all about Saint Lucia and why Luciadagen is such a special day in December during Advent and winter. It is a great day for kids too because it is filled with joy, actvities, homeade sweet rolls, hot cocoa and more.

The book is great too because it is divided up into a modern story and also the history of Saint Lucia and the impact on Sweden. It is a great multipurpose book for all ages. If you are using it in school the children will certainly love being adorned with the star caps and paper candle wreaths, not to mention doughnuts and cocoa 🙂 . Luciadagen was always a big hit in my preschool class.

As Snowbear kept counting the days until Christmas, the actvities continued with Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown on the Allentown Preschool Examiner. Divided into four parts the activites are and endless fun learning adventure for the holiday: Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. Last year Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown was featured in “Counting Down to Christmas” here at Miss Shari’s Storytime to start the month of December. I have read this book for years during the holidays and I wish I had known what I know now about this book – it is full of fun learning activities for the month of December :-).

Last Tuesday, we featured Karen Katz’s book Counting Christmas on Tuesday for Twos. With only ten days till Christmas it was a great read. It is still a big hit with two’s and the bright pictures and bold colors make counting Christmas from one to ten a delight.

From your stockings and bows, tinlsel and mistletoe – each of your little ones will gleam with joy as the special day draws nearer. With cookies and milk set out on the mandle and the tree twinkling bright – the day of special memories and love will be a treasure for you and your little ones. You can count on Christmas to be wonderful. As the day finally arrives take this time to make the most of the small time you have in between preparations they are so special and important.

Our latest feature this week, was about our beloved Santa Claus, who wanted to keep this cute little kitten named Cookie, in Christmas Kitten Home at Last by Robin Pulver.

Santa was returning home to the North Pole and he had tucked Cookie safe and warm into his coat. When he tried to pursuade Mrs. Claus to let him keep Cookie – Santa had forgotten the he was allergic to cats – he began to sneeze and wheeze.

With Santa sniffling, Mrs. Claus and the Elves try to solve this dilemma.Can Mrs. Claus, Santa and the Elves find Cookie a home before it’s too late? Or will Cookie create kitty mayhem and disaster at the North Pole for Santa and his helpers? Read more here.

Hopefully, this will be one of your many holiday treasures to share this year. With such a warm, close special time – the love and magic of Christmas makes stories more meaningful. I hope all of your holiday dreams come true as the magic of Christmas come to you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Miss Shari

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