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Littlest Snowman and “three snowmen”….

It’s been snowy out there for a while now….not snowing but snowy. With all the snow going on in the North and other areas there is so much opportunity to get creative and take advantage of those wintry themes.  One that comes to mind is an activity that we did with our little ones a few weeks ago. Soap snowmen…..

Yes just taking a little bit of soap flakes (you may have to grate the bars of soap) with Ziploc baggie and some water, it is an interesting sensory experience. It can be molded and shaped into snowmen. You can leave them to dry too. The kids need not use soap after this – they can just rinse their hands with some warm water and voila clean up is a breeze.

A great book to go along is Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh – it’s even a cute little shaped book to share with the kids. This is great when your winter theme is not simultaneous with the wintry weather – but if you have the chance get that snow inside and play away. Here’s to your awesome snow days!

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