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I’m not feeling well today….

I’m not feeling well today…I think we all caught the Valentine’s Day “love bug”. Seriously, the tots in my class at work are all down with the sniffles, coughs and ho-hum moods. We need a story to relate to today. Why? You ask. Because I’m not feeling well today.

Sure the hellos, smiles and hugs are keeping my spirits up. But the tasks of “acting” at work singing songs and keeping the tots occupied is much more draining than I need. Since I’m not feeling well today. So we need a story about feeling just not up to par and I think that Shirley Nietzel book I’m Not Feeling Well Today will do the trick.  

Even though it’s a humorous story about a little guy trying to get out of going to school, the rhyme, repetition and picture/word association is perfect for little tots and threes to enjoy. All his antics are sure to amuse little ones too. So if you are “not feeling well today.” Cheer up with this little read…..

Get Well Soon! Spring is on the way!!!!

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