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There is a ‘silver lining’

It seemed that last week spring was finally coming around. Sure, March can be a tricky month and the possibility of snow is always on the horizon, but this is just too much. This snow is definitely putting a damper on things. Winter was great and the snow was fun – WAS fun. Now enough already. There was snow on Christmas, Valentine’s Day and well St. Patrick’s Day is over…..

It’s a good thing that Silverlicious is out on store shelves and Scholastic Book Fairs – because we all need a silver lining to these dark and heavy storm clouds. Pinkalicious is all excited when she loses her tooth – she’ll be able to leave it for the Tootheetina the Tooth Fairy for her silver dollar. BUT she discovers that the tooth that she lost is her “sweet tooth”. She needs some emergency help from Tootheetina but she is quite busy with dental emergencies elsewhere.  Pinkalicious gets help from other “holiday merry makers” only to be disappointed and bitter. Whatever will Pinkalicious do? Find out more here.

Thanks to HarperCollins Childrens  for the review copy of Silverlicious by Victoria Kann.

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