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Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day again. And there is nothing more special than reading a storybook with mom. There are so many books about moms, children and babies – from animal babies and animal moms to human babies and human moms. Children always relate to “mothers” in picture books because that is one of the first things that children encounter; their mother or nuturer is their first real experience.

Today we will be featuring some favorites and some ones you may have never heard of. One particular story that has been in Miss Shari’s Storytime collection for a few years now – recently was discovered in another book tote – the book Babies on the Go by Linda Ashman. I love it. In my ever exisitng preference to books that rhyme, this picture book hits the mark. The complete circle of life is in these pages. From giraffes, deer, hippos, monkeys, bears and people. This book includes the animal kingdom and multicultural children. It’s clever choice of words and detailed illustrations make this a Mother’s Day hit. From two to nintey-two and animal lovers too, Babies on the Go is a great read for Mother – Child storytime.

Another wonderful story about how “awesome” moms are is Jamie Lee Curtis’s newest book My Mommy Hung the Moon. You can decide for yourself – apparently people love it or hate it. However, it is (in Miss Shari’s opinion) supposed to be from a young child’s perspective.  All (or most) young children love their mommy’s to the moon and back. She is their all, their security, their best friend, the love of their life and she is so awesome and flawless that she may have even “hung the moon”. If the book is deemed over done, well that is just sad. Every mother knows that she can’t give her children the world but many mothers will go to great lengths and sacrifices for their children and living up to a picture book should be a goal to keep in mind. Children are a blessing and many of us are blessed to have awesome moms. I remember when I thought my mommy hung the moon too!

Enjoy your Mother’s Day and never forget how wonderful moms really are. For more Mother’s Day reads:
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Happy, Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Reading,

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