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Literacy events and community programs

Childhood memories in a box…
You may be wondering what is this? A box of books? Why? Well yes it is just boxes of books – many, many boxes of books.
This past weekend our local library in collaboration with our local middle school, The Nutrition Group and other area organizations held the Annual Friends of The Emmaus Public Library Book Sale. It really is an awesome event. It isn’t just a bunch of boxes of books and media for sale. It is an all around awareness event focused on literacy, health, nutrition and community involvement. There are so many vendors and friends at this annual public sale. The last two years it was on a warm sunny Saturday so it was perfect to walk the tables, grab a snack-lunch, beverages, literature, books and sit outside in the warm sun. There was even an opportunity to donate blood for the Miller-Keystone Blood Center and some information from the fire department. There were a ton of raffles too for bikes and gift cards.

All for under $10.00 - at the book sale...

As a children’s book enthusiast – I am obviously over at the children’s book corner. And I found some old books from when I was little and some ones I had never seen before. You never know what kind of treasure troves you might find if you just look and to think in a small part it also benefits my community and the programs that we have.
There is always next year too. And I am sure that the Friends of the Emmaus Public Library program will only expand and continue to do great things for Emmaus and the East Penn S.D.
So stay tuned for more books, story time, events, reviews and GIVEAWAYS!!!!
Happy, happy reading,

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