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Tuesday for Twos: A You’re Adorable and Unicorn ‘blues’

Break out an old favorite; just like those Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and those Fairy Tales that we all adore, A You’re Adorable is a charming favorite.
This whimsical song – now made into a booklet with music notes (for those who are musically gifted) is a treasure to be shared with your littlest darlings.  The simple, succinct, rhyming patterns of this sweet little song are complete with “adorable” multicultural illustrations by Martha Alexander.
This is (in Miss Shari’s opinion) the perfect book for tots and twos, threes maybe but the simple and sweet language used is the perfect introduction to love, the alphabet and love of reading. It makes another reading adventure all that more personal and special for your little ones.
So remember this adorable little read when you are headed for storytime with your toddlers and twos.

Not to mention, yesterday…as I spent a few hours with my little friends at work. We were making “unicorn horns” for arts and crafts. 🙁 However, we did not have any unicorn books to use for our theme. I was sad. I wish I had remembered to dig up a unicorn book for our little tots. Or perhaps gone to the Emmaus Public Library. Hopefully, next time there will be a unique story to share.
What are your favorite and magical stories from childhood? How do you explain unicorns to little tots? Should Miss Shari write a toddler aged unicorn story?
Until next time, Happy Reading!

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