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Autism Learning Felt Book Giveaway: Point to Happy

Autism Learning Felt is hosting a book giveaway – Point to Happy, an awesome resource for teachers, parents and children on the autism spectrum.

Autism Learning Felt is hosting this giveaway starting May 27th, 2011 until June 12th, 2011 11:59AM CST. Please read the full blog post here:  Point to Happy – Book Giveaway.

I have entered to win as well and I feel it would be a great resource for me to share with my fellow coworkers and teachers. We work everyday with children who are at different ages, developmental milestones, personalities, physical and verbal delays and we do have children that are on the autism spectrum. Working with two other teachers in the toddler aged group we are the ones who often see the signs and spot the concerns first. Being aware and learning more about how to work with and through these challenges and help all the children in our care is what is most important to us. See these links for more information –  Autism and the Autism Spectrum

Of course, I would hope that I could win this book and share it with others – but I wish everyone good luck and may this resource be used to help the children in your lives. So hop on over the Autism Learning Felt and enter that giveaway. Make a difference and while your there, follow on twitter, subscribe or grab their button and stay in touch with an awesome blog site that is trying to make a difference for education, children with special learning needs and children with developmental challenges.

Point to Happy – Book Giveaway at Austism Learning Felt:

Lots of Luck and Happy Reading,

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