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Nursery Rhymes and Special Times

This week, at work, as we wrap up our fairy tales theme – we are reading nursery rhymes. This will be the best week, by far. I enjoy themes it is so fun to see the room transformed into another time and place each week or month – the children learn so much and really soak up the songs, stories and art of each day. This was especially evident in the preschool rooms where I taught.

It is a little bit harder to keep a going theme active with toddlers – they are so sporadically impulsive – they need up beat on your toes, engaging activities for each time of the day. Since we are still working on those self-help and social skills each day gets compressed. And while planning the activities are connected to the themes we teach – the skills from the activities are what the children are mastering and latching on to – the theme itself is not as evident. Teaching a monthly or weekly theme in toddlers (ones and twos) is not the same as preschool and kindergarten. Older children will connect the theme to the activities and will be able to tell you about it in more detail. Toddlers are more direct, simple and what they do makes perfect sense to them at the time 🙂 (however puzzling and quirky to you or I).

I know this week will be fun because The Real Mother Goose board book is part of our Language Arts section this week. The toddlers love small group story time and they really like when you replace names and insert their own name. It connects them to the literature and the activities that they are involved in. For example – recently at play dough time we (I) made play dough Pat-A Cakes for each one of my little 5 friends in my group. I rolled – patted and marked with the first letter of each of their names. It connected them to the rhyme and made it special. Now each time we sit down for play dough at least one or two ask for a Pat-A-Cake :-).

This week we are making Humpty Dumpty with band-aids – (pictures to follow) and Mice for Hickory Dickory Dock. It’s neat to see what the children create and say – but the real fun stuff happens at storytime. I will keep you posted as this week ends and it will be a short one.

Enjoy your week and enjoy a good old classic like The Real Mother Goose.



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