A bad hair day…

Continuing the series of Gender Stereotypes – here is a story about a little girl named Annabelle who is sick of the same old thing. She wants something more unique that the “ponytails and braids”.

Recently released, Big Bouffant by Kate Hoseford is a book about being unique, determined and outspoken. Annabelle is all three and more. She is fed up with the lame hair styles that everyone else has. So she decides with or without anyone’s help that she is going to do up her hair into the old famous up do called the “bouffant” “or “bee hive”.

Annabelle’s first DIY bouffant is NOT a success but a sticky mess. So with her mom’s support she is able to go to school the next day with a proper bouffant to sport. This new hair-do is quite a “to do”. It catches on and becomes a learning sensation until it fizzles out for Annabelle. How will she ever keep the style trends going? Will she be able to keep up with the fashion demands at school? Or will she be the most fashionable gal at school and in town?

A bit of a deviation from the first two in the series: Article I and Article II, but not really.  Yet, we have a different view and a character who is not fitting the mold or the ‘norm’. So lets snazz it up and what we have is a colorful and fun learning book complete with some elementary math lessons on measurement and comparison, social relationships and social identity. So share this story and celebrate the uniqueness of your children and students. Let them shine, let them glow, challenge them and encourage their growth in areas that you may not even realize that they have gifts and talents.

FTC Disclosure: Thanks to Net Galley and Carolrhoda Books for a review of Big Bouffant by Kate Hoseford and illustrated by Holly Clifton- Brown.



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