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Breaking Gender Stereotypes: My Princess Boy

For the final installment of the series – Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Literature – we have My Princess Boy, written by Cheryl Kilodavis.

This “topic” really hit home for me watching ABC’s What Would You Do? The topic of interest took place in a toy store in New Jersey – where a father and son were the subject of talk due to the boys attire. Read the article here.

What’s interesting is that the first two scenarios was that the little boy wanted a doll. Which was a big deal and to some no big deal. The issue that really raised eyebrows when the boys wore the dresses. The people who were creating the “issue” were the adults NOT the children.

Any early childhood educator knows that those behaviors are very normal. Children playing with toys, dolls, wearing dresses, shoes, jewelry etc. No one not even other children will say “nay” to this – children often do not notice at all or think it is strange. Funny what we can learn about acceptance and caring from young children. Mother and author, Cheryl Kilodavis was instrumental in bringing this issue to the forefront – with her book My Princess Boy. This affects parents, teachers and children. The issue in the book – the people who would laugh at and poke fun at a young child – were the adults. Those who are supposed to be supportive, loving, caring guides and role models were being bullies.

As a teacher, I feel that these issues need to be addressed. No one should ever pick apart a young child. Mrs. Kilodavis as a mother, struggled with how to handle this behavior in her toddler. She came to see that it wasn’t hurting anyone and her “princess boy” is a special, unique little boy.

Take a read at some of these books – you can learn alot from children and children’s literature. The previous articles about these issues Article I, Article II and Article III, were featured on here The Story Carpet.

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