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Summer Days….Doggie plays

 Summer days are here…they are long, hot and full of fun in the sun. A great “twos” book to share is Summer Days by Roger Pare. It has neat illustrations of dogs in the sun, having fun, swimming, picnicking and enjoying the warm weather. It’s quick rhyming text is the perfect pick for a short story read with little ones.

Kids love animals, dogs, cats and other furry critters – so they can relate to the story. While I read my little tots thought they were bears – oh well its close, I guess. However, many of the scenes in the story are a quick pick up for little ones, sand castles, swimming, balls, bathing suits, berries, picnics etc. This is a hard to find story but if you are looking for those short rhyming toddler aged books see here to get this fun summer story.

And for a doggie that does swim…well sort of….. 

Happy Reading and Enjoy SUMMER!!!!

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