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Wonderful Wednesday: The Month of August

No doubt your kids are in a bit of a rut as the month of August nears its final hours. All those lazy summer days and long summer nights are put on the shelf until next June.

A little late, but still all cool facts, are the “month books” by author Ellen Jackson; more specifically It Happens in the Month of August. This little read is great for K-1-2 it can be a great way to talk about the year, seasons, weather facts and interesting history facts. Concepts like months and days are not easy for young children to understand – they think things like “is yesterday today” or “is today tomorrow”. The concept of days and months is a process that takes time and gels with maturity and growth.

However, facts like the August birthstone, flower, zodiac and calendar history are joined with activities, like beach going, skating, ice cream and more. Jackson also discusses nature and why the animals and weather patterns change at the end of August. Plants, harvest, special days and myths are also included in this little book. So if you are wondering what and why “It Happens in the Month of AUGUST” check out the book and series by Ellen Jackson and illustrated by Robin DeWitt and Pat DeWitt.

Enjoy your back to school reading. And enjoy Indian Summer as you ease into the crisp fall season.

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