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Thursday Trivia: It Happens in the Month of September

“Did You Know? September is a month of traveling. Tiny seeds parachute into the wind, and burs hitch rides on socks and sweaters.”

This is just one example of descriptive storytelling of facts in the month of September. I discovered these great books at our local library, its part of a series by author Ellen Jackson, It Happens in the Month of… September. The book’s set up is great – beginning with an overview in the beginning…

Did You Know? Why the weather and nature patterns change geographically? Or about certain events, harvesting facts, sports events and history? Jackson paints a picture while addressing historical, science and cultural facts about this month.

Birthstone: The sapphire has a rich Greek history.

Flower: The aster, Latin root word for star and its Greek mythological history are important to know about September’s history.

Zodiac: Stories in the stars tell about, the history behind these responsible, organized people known as Virgos and the  charming and polite, Libras.

Calendar: The history behind the root of the word September really means seven; in Ancient Rome the year actually began in March making September the seventh month.

Sun, Sky and Weather: Hurricanes and storms make their way around. The crisp air, frosty mornings and smell of hay tells us it is harvest time. Yum – apples, pumpkins and more.

Animals in September: From caterpillars to birds, reptiles to raccoons – the animals do strange things; they hide, they travel, makes nests and forage but why? All these facts are in the book….

Plants in September: You learn something new every day. Those weird plants in the back yard are Pokeweed plants and you may even see Joe-pye weed – that the Indians used for medicine. Falling leaves reseed or meet harvesting animals and the deserts are blooming with growth on the other side of the country – amazing.

Special Days: Labor Day,[ 9/11], Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur – days of prayer and atonement for Jewish people and the Equinox – 9/21- 9/22 the date with equal day and night.

The book ends with Famous Events, Famous Birthdays and Myths. The Mayflower set sail from England on September16, 1620 and there is a Greek myth associated with goat and the horn of plenty – cornucopia.

All these facts and stories that you and I never knew before – well now you know – It Happens in the Month of September.

Happy Reading and learning new things each day,






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