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Friday’s Five Minute Review: The Hidden Alphabet

I was at the local library a few weeks ago and I saw this chunky little book on the shelf and I pulled off. I knew I loved this book when I saw the cover – Laura Vaccaro Seeger was featured last year on The Story Carpet for her book First the Egg. Seeger’s bold and colorful illustrations engage children and storytellers alike. I had no doubt that The Hidden Alphabet would not disappoint.

It’s colorful, bold, fun, interactive (with cardboard flip frames) and sturdy – which is great for 2-5 year old children. It focuses on short vowel sounds and the word pictures are unique choices. Words like wave, yolk, arrowhead, garden hose, olive, and partridge are so thought-provoking and non-traditional.  I love the vivid artwork – its detailed and layered.  The only thing that would make it an all-around sensory experience is textured illustrations, for those tactile learners that need to touch and feel to learn.

This book in its simplicity – is so much more. It has stimulating visuals and challenging multi-syllable word-pictures for pre-readers. It’s a nice change from the standard A for apple and B for bearThe Hidden Alphabet expands vocabulary using distinctive words and bold-detailed artwork. This little read can be used in many creative arts, reading and writing projects in kindergarten and early elementary classrooms.

Enjoy The Hidden Alphabet…

Happy Reading and alphabet hunting,

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