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Wonderful Wednesday: ABC Discovery!

It’s Wednesday and the week is almost over. Today’s feature and Miss Shari’s latest find at the library is ABC Discovery by Izhar Cohen. This picture book /picture puzzle is similar to “Where’s Waldo?” but not inherently the same. Cohen has a great artistic ability to challenge the readers to find each word and corresponding picture.

The book is set up from A to Z each set is a list of words starting with that letter and a picture puzzle on the right for each word. Look closely and carefully some of the details are subtle yet in plain sight.

This book is a great challenge and good for building vocabulary, it enhances critical thinking skills, word identification and word & sound correlation. This book is perfect for “puzzle solvers, from six to sixty”  and I would recommend it for elementary school classrooms (ages six to eight). I even had a good time reading it and trying to find the pictures in the puzzle. It could really spice up the “Letter of the Week”. So take the challenge…

…Enjoy your ABC Discovery! Happy Reading…





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