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Friday Facts: It Happens in the Month of October

The mysterious month of October is dark and cold. The leaves are changing and falling. Owls, bats, goblins and ghosts are all symbols in this creepy month. Ellen Jackson tells us why in It Happens in the Month of October.

The October birthstone is the opal; it was cherished long ago for its multicolored brilliance. The October flower, dahlia, is native to Central America and was sacred to the Aztec warriors. The zodiacs for October are the charming, polite and friendly Libras and brave, stubborn, detectives known as Scorpios. October also originated in the Roman calendar long ago, when the new year began in March, October from the Latin meaning eight or the eighth month.

There are many legends and stories about what happens in the sky and weather during the month of October. The days are shorter and the nights come early. The air grows colder and many animals – Canada geese, monarch butterflies, trout and more – migrate south to warmer climates. Many other animals like bees, chipmunks and muskrats make burrows and food stores for their long winter in hiding.

The trees are changing for the last time until they drop their leaves to the ground. The leaves change color as the chlorophyll fades from the bright green leaves. The leaves will fall and the trees bare until spring next year.

Between all the folktales and spooky nights, October is a special month. The children are a buzz getting ready for Halloween. The leaves are falling and crunching beneath your feet. More and more events and legends originated in October too. If you’ve been wondering why, check out It Happens in the Month of October by Ellen Jackson.

Enjoy a Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!






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