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Magical Monday: Night Dancer by Marcia Vaughan

With crisp, autumn weather on the horizon and November just around the corner many schools and children will be learning about Native American history, tribes and traditions. Although this book is a tale about the Mythical Piper of the Native American Southwest – Kokopelli is found in Hopi, Zuni and Pueblo mythology.

Night Dancer by Marcia Vaughan sings and paints a song of the night – also a great serration activity for young children.  Each page shares a little rhyme.

“Come dance, come dance, come dance with me
Stepping and stamping joyously.
Like the stars and the wind, happy and free,
Who’ll dance away the night with me?

And with each page a new creature – coyote, snake, tortoise, Javalina – pig, jackrabbit and tarantula join in the dance and song. They dance and sing past the sleeping children, who wake and join the night dancer and friends.  They dance along the mesa until the sun rises and the pier plays one last song.

“Let morning awake and the new day begin
for when the Moon shines bright, I’ll dance again”.

With beautiful and magical illustrations by Lisa Desimini, Night Dancer is a great read to share. Its history, mythology, poetry and serration skills make it a great read and activity, especially during the months of October and November.

Have a magical autumn season!





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