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It’s Gonna be a Rockin’ Saturday….

You ask why? Well because I am meeting Dr. Jean Feldman. Well, I will be attending her all day workshop Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write at our local LCCC.

It has been a long road since I first started teaching  – young children –  I remember so much from years ago and I am in need of a refresher and a boost of excitement. I remember when I had the time to research and plan everything and  of course we had a song for EVERYTHING. One staff member asked me years ago, “Miss Shari do you sing all the time? And my response was “Yes. There is a song for everything. And as you can see they learn it too.”

I know this is a children’s storybook site but….if you really research early literature who do you come up with Mother Goose. Yes, good old nursery rhymes. I LOVE THEM. They are funny, silly, packed with knowledge, words, and numbers and KIDS LOVE to hear them and sing them.

I have only recently started to write my own little stories and rhymes –yes I secretly aspire to be like Margaret Wise Brown and Dr. Jean Feldman :-). But in all seriousness – I truly want to give my children the best of me there is. And I hope to have a fun day of learning how to teach by singing and dancing my heart out will being silly, fun and loving at the same time. I often worry about the kid not having fun at school – because they are two – and “Play is their Work”. Why not sing and dance while we work each day.

So I look forward to (Meeting and Hopefully and photo opp *wink wink*) Dr. Jean Feldman’s awesome seminar this Saturday!


Until next time as always, Happy Reading, Singing and Dancing!






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