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An Old Fave: The Runaway Bunny

I realized just a few days ago that I had never read The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. What? I know…I was completely baffled by my lack of knowledge in this all time must reads in children’s literature.

It wasn’t until a few month ago I was going through my music library – everyone has  music library and everyone loves some type of music – and I came across JJ Heller’s Boat Song. Wanting to know more about this song I researched a bit and found a YouTube video of her and her husband sharing how the song was inspired by a book they had “never before read” to their daughter – The Runaway Bunny. I had thought that I had heard (of) this story before but I never read it. So i went into work a few days ago and discovered that we had this book and I read it to my little group of tots :-). I was struck wit*misty eyes* because of all the times that they run away and come back to the safety of my care. It was sweet and they loved it.

JJ Heller’s Boat Song inspiration….

Enjoy Reading and Singing…Always,

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