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Ready to Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write…..

Am I psyched? You bet I am! I had been looking forward to meeting Dr. Jean Feldman since September. I returned to work after a six week medical leave and I was eager to return to work anyway. When I saw the notice about the upcoming training seminar Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write at LCCC – I was totally excited (I said that already).

See, I created this blog because of my love for picture books, songs, rhymes and circle-times. I believe that magic happens at The Story Carpet or the “Magic Carpet” whatever you may call it. When you gather your children and you are singing, rhyming and sharing – you are bonding and learning together. While the rest of the world thinks you are just singing silly songs – you know that you are teaching valuable skills and tools for education success.

Dr. Jean has been a great resource of experience, songs, rhymes, music & movement, tips and tricks to make your little ones eager to learn and be happy learning.  So get your voices singing and get ready to Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write the day away. I had a great time – I was enthused, inspired, wired, tired and just plain happy. The best was the quote from Dr. Jean’s daughter Holly – about kids “They take it in and they take it in and they take it in and then it comes out!” It is so true. Just when you think they aren’t learning a thing they finally surprise you and there it is!

I am so happy to be returning with some refreshed ideas, new ideas and hopeful that the kids are on their way to success and they are learning and it will come to fruition when the time is right…

…but of course I didn’t get away with out a CD in hand and some Best Wishes from Dr. Jean. And the Banana Dance in my back pocket :-)…


As always, Happy Reading, Singing and Dancing,




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