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Dr. Seuss: Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You?

Hello again! It has been a busy few months. But The Story Carpet has some great tings in store. So stay tuned and we hope to see you at story time.

In the last few weeks I have been in search of a great book to share – but kept coming up empty. Then after a busy week with our little tots at work we had one of those moments – where you can choose to make it fun or get frustrated. Anyone who works with toddlers and twos knows that they LOVE the sound of their voices and they love to make NOISE. While trying to get them washed for lunch and at the table together 🙂 (it can be done) a potty accident erupted that needed my attention. So as I tended to the wet pants in the bathroom the children were making noises and even screaming so I decided to make this game fun – instead of saying stop yelling or indoor voices   – I said friends can you Roar like a lion? “Roar” they said. Can you Moo like a cow? “MOOOOOOO”, they said. And so on and so on until our yummy lunch arrived and they loved it and it was controlled and not chaotic. And they learned to listen and respond.

As I thought about it – it also happened to be March 2nd, Dr. Suess’s birthday that day. So what better book to share than Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? Here is the story below and be sure to read it with expression and stop to let the children make NOISE!


As Always – Happy Reading!





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