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The Story Carpet’s “Top Ten”: The Past Year’s Favorites

IMG_1685For this list of the “top ten” 3-5 year old children were consulted – when reading stories repeatedly is requested by young children, you know that the story has had an impact and sparked interest. At the story carpet in real life (Ha ha SCRL), we read scads and scads of books a day. “Can you read this to me?” or “Can we read this book?” are two of the most repeated phrases that Miss Shari hears each day. So we’ve decided to feature ten favorite titles from this past school year with Miss Shari and her “little friends”.

1) 123 verses ABC by Mike Boldt – in this hilarious picture book the children see the numbers and letters arguing over the focus of the story spotlight but they really enjoy how crazy the pictures are and the silly situations. Most importantly they count and sing at the end.

2) My New Teacher and Me by Al Yankovic – in this charming and wordy rhyming tale really breaks the ice and first day jitters. The goofy jokes and colorful pages allowed the children to feel at ease, enjoy school and build on their creative expression.

3) Splat and the Cool School Trip by Rob Scotton – Splat the Cat is back to school in his skitter and goofy kitty ways. With his friends and teacher Splat makes quite an impression or mayhem at the zoo during his school trip.

4) Halloween Night by Marjorie Dennis Murray – Spooky Halloween time is here – or rather goofy Halloween pranks and gags. In this “gouly rhyming” story Halloween is sweet with just a little bit of witches brew.

5) Fancy Nancy Fanciest Doll in the Universe by Jane O’Connor – in this unique and charming tale Nancy Clancy is off to a tea party with her beloved doll Marabelle but a mix up leads to a humiliating situation for Nancy.

6) Dot by Randi Zuckerberg – in this simple tale Dot is a gal who is with the times; she is tech savvy, connected and versed in social networking. But Dot is kind of out of touch with reality. This cute read will remind kids to take in our surroundings and get back to nature, people friends and use real life social networking.

7) Sticky, Sticky, Stuck by Michael Gutch – this is another tale about busy families and ‘smart devices” that keep families and kids occupied. In this cute tale messy Annie gets her family tuned into real life situation and off of their electronic devices in a unique and very sticky way!

8) Pete the Cat: Valentines Day is Cool by Kimberly and James Dean – Pete the Cat is not feeling the love and he is doomed for a lame Valentine’s Day. But he talks with his friend and uses his “cool cat ways” to make everyone’s day fun and unique. In the end everything is cool and Pete is feeling alright.

9) Marley and the Great Easter Egg Hunt by John Grogan – Marley makes yet another grand appearance at the annual Easter Egg hunt. But he manages bring everyone together in laughter even amongst a mess.

10)  Pinkalicious and the Perfect Present by Victoria Kann – Pinkalicious is out for a family bike ride when she stumbles on a great find at a yard sale. She knows just who to give this special prize to. So in celebration of Mother’s Day or just because – this I Can Read tale is perfect for your beginning reader – you’ll be tickled pink.

Check out even more at Harper Collins Children’s publishers. Enjoy reading and stay tuned for more great titles as this year’s school year gears up.


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