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Tuesday for Twos: Chickies’ Manners

Chickies Two-year-olds need a lot of encouragement and modeling to learn manners and tasks. In this charming trio by Janee Trasler, you’ll be able to tackle potty time, dinnertime and bedtime routines. In our first story, Pottytime for Chickies, these chicks are all confused – they have no idea what the potty is for – but with some help from friends, Sheep, Pig and Cow they can complete the task and take a bow.

Next up Dinnertime for Chickies, the chicks are picky and cheeping. They are not about to try any of this boring food. With some encouragement from their farm friends they munch and crunch and soon enjoy the healthy array of foods.

Third up, it’s Bedtime for Chickies, bedtime for sheep, bedtime for pig and cow. They need to get these three chickies to sleep but how? They want stories, they want drinks and they need to go potty. With all this cheeping no one will get to sleep. Will the chickies finally tire out and let their three friends rest? Find out and read all three – have your toddler enjoying pottytime, dinnertime and bedtime routines.

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