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The Cat’s Meow….Splat and a little witch’s cat

splat_the_cat_and_the_pumpkin_picking_plan Halloween has passed but fall has not left us yet. It is still the season of color, warmth, cats and pumpkins. Two charming seasonal stories to share this month are Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin – Picking Plan by Rob Scotton and I am the Witch’s by Harriet Muncaster.
In our first story, Splat makes quite an entrance in this cute little tale. He is overcome with cattiness as he “helps” rake leaves – by jumping in them, of course. So mom sends him to the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin – round and orange. One is too small, one is too tall and one is just not orange enough. Splat ends this overwhelming cat and mouse friend story by landing in grand style with the biggest, roundest and “orangest” pumpkin in the patch.

Witch's CatOur second little tale about charming little girl – dressed in a black cat costume. Imagination, creativity, wit and charm come to life as “the witch’s cat” talks of her mother the “good witch”. Told through the eyes of a little girl as she views her mother a good witch, with good potions who is fun and enchanting to her loving little girl. Author Harriet Muncaster, uses creative mixed media three dimensional art as the backdrop of this charming little tale. The story and art are together truly enchanting.


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