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Good Night iPad: Totally disconnected

iPad Well apparently the Story Carpet has been disconnected. What??? How?

So, Miss Shari was in a bookstore this past weekend. I mean of course the library or a book store – not unusual. What she discovered was just shocking. I mean how did this wonderful piece of literature escape the attention of The Story Carpet???

Well it did. This gem of a book Good Night iPad by Ann Droyd is now on The Story Carpet’s list of favorites. These things happen don’t happen overnight…it is a gradual progression or decline. Just search or Google effects of screen time for children and the amount of disconnectedness that society has in a socially networked world. It is a sign of the times. This book is a keeper…and a great reminder to take the time to disconnect the gadgets and slow down. Crack open a tangible book more often. It will heighten the senses…keep you and the kids in touch for real. This one will sit right next to Dot by Randi Zuckerberg, a more recent publication, from Harper Collins, about a little girl who loses touch amongst all her gadgets and has to recharge naturally….literally in nature and with real people…it’s all about balance and moderation.



So enjoy your summer reading and socializing,



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