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Broccoli wants a home and two girls want a puppy

broccoliWho want’s Broccoli? It is the name of a unique and tricky dog who waits among the “hodgepodge of pets at the Beezley’s Animal Shelter”. In this story Broccoli tries his best to win over a loving family. He’s kind of loud and does some crazy tricks but out there is the perfect family ‘who wants Broccoli’. Share this great dog tale Who Wants Broccoli? By Val Jones


Now, what do you do with two girls who are: 1) Super Persistent 2) Super Responsible 3) Super Smart 4) Super Creative and get 4 million Facebook likes? You let them adopt a puppy. Yes this story is about two girls who wanted a puppy and they made it happen.
Miss Shari loved their story so much, that I Liked their Facebook Page back in 2013 when it went viral. Now you can read all about their story in Two Girls Want a Puppy by Ryan and Evie Cordell.

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