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Tulip and Rex Write a Story


This lovely dancing pair are back with big ideas – Tulip and Rex are dancing and writing a story about their adventures. This wonderfully colorful and imaginative story uses everyday words and concepts to create a whimsical story with Tulip and her dog Rex. Join King Rex and Queen Tulip on their magical adventure in Tulip and Rex Write and Story.

This book is great for creative writing and sight word mastery for grades 1-3. Using everyday concepts and manipulating ordinary words is the beginning to love of reading and writing. So grab a word journal and have your students write a short story about everyday ordinary surroundings.

Tulip and Rex Write a Story was provided by Harper Collins Children’s Publishers and Katherine Tegen Books.

Check out Tulip Loves Rex also by  Alyssa Satin Capucilli.

Happy dancing, reading and writing!!

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