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Two for Tuesday: Changing directions and colorful emotions

Today we embrace spring in a different way – as the seasons change so does nature, moods and interests. Our two story carpet  picks for today include a little bird and a pair of bears.

First up, we have a never-before-published story by Margaret Wise Brown titled North, South, East, West. In this cute little tale little bird learns to fly and she must decide which direction to go and which direction is her home. Fly along with little bird as she learns about her world through her travels, as she finds her way home and learns which direction is best – north, south, east or west!

Our second story, Places to Be written by Mac Barnett helps little ones navigate all of their changing emotions, moods and how to cope with the littlest changes in their big, big world. With help from teachers, family and friends – this charming story will surely be a treasured read for all little ones as they deal with changes, seasons, the world and learn about their feelings.

Thank you to Harper Collins Children’s publishers, for review titles for Miss Shari’s Storytime at The Story Carpet.

Here’s to two terrific Tuesday titles to read together with your kids.

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