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Is this the new thing?

I feel like this is a new tactic…to get people on track….moderation is key…diabeties awareness… I don’t know but this story is hilarious, creative and…I don’t know if…I’ll ever eat another doughnut 🍩 ever again….😂 Happy Reading and eating…🍩🍎🍌🍓🍇🍉🥗🍕🍗🌭🍔🍟🌮🥙

“Spook-tacular” Halloween stories

Grimelda: The Very Messy Witch by Diana Murray/illustrated by Heather Ross A perfect rhyming story about a messy little witch – she’s a mess, she’s a scare, she’s a wreck and she needs to sweep. Yes Grimelda has a grimy little witches’ house – she’s lost a very important ingredient in her witches stew, it’s […]

Coloring: Not Just for Kids

Just on the cusp of a lot of news casts and articles about coloring as a benefit to you. Yes, you, adults – a simple way to decompress and regain focus and concentration – coloring. With all the “to do” lists and never ending projects it can seem overwhelming and daunting. Regaining appreciation for something […]

The Year Without a Santa Claus?

This December seems unseasonably warm – The Heat Miser must be to blame as the predicted temperature for the first day of winter is 53 degrees. I had never heard of the movie – The Year Without a Santa Claus – before this month. Yet, I felt compelled to watch it – you know to […]

Good Night iPad: Totally disconnected

Well apparently the Story Carpet has been disconnected. What??? How? So, Miss Shari was in a bookstore this past weekend. I mean of course the library or a book store – not unusual. What she discovered was just shocking. I mean how did this wonderful piece of literature escape the attention of The Story Carpet??? […]

Frozen: Olaf loves Summer

I know there has been a great frosty chill in the air – it is starting to get to us – I know. It’s Frozen us to the core and to top it off the kids are still trying to “Let it go.” But they can’t – and neither can we. Lets face it – […]

Christmastime is Here….Again!

Yes the magical season is upon us and we have been anxiously awaiting its arrival for months now (probably since Halloween). And I was informed twice that I MISSED my favorite Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas. I also love the old favorite’s, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – I usually watch this […]

Ready to Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write…..

Am I psyched? You bet I am! I had been looking forward to meeting Dr. Jean Feldman since September. I returned to work after a six week medical leave and I was eager to return to work anyway. When I saw the notice about the upcoming training seminar Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write at LCCC […]

An Old Fave: The Runaway Bunny

I realized just a few days ago that I had never read The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. What? I know…I was completely baffled by my lack of knowledge in this all time must reads in children’s literature. It wasn’t until a few month ago I was going through my music library – everyone […]

It’s Gonna be a Rockin’ Saturday….

You ask why? Well because I am meeting Dr. Jean Feldman. Well, I will be attending her all day workshop Rock, Rhyme, Read and Write at our local LCCC. It has been a long road since I first started teaching  – young children –  I remember so much from years ago and I am in […]

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