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Coloring: Not Just for Kids

Just on the cusp of a lot of news casts and articles about coloring as a benefit to you. Yes, you, adults – a simple way to decompress and regain focus and concentration – coloring. With all the “to do” lists and never ending projects it can seem overwhelming and daunting. Regaining appreciation for something […]

Back to School Reading Again

School is back in session and there is a lot going on this week. With schedules and lunches and bags and buses who has time for anything else? It seems that all the back to school mania can take over. Have no fear a collection of Back to School reading is here. So kick back […]

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Fun Reading, Writing and Self Concept Sentences

Trying to make connections between letters, sounds and sentences can be very tricky. It is hard to know just how much reading, read alouds, phonics activities, writing practice and fun discussions are necessary to make for good reading skill sets – all children are different. Reading quality literature and making associations between written print and […]

The Cat’s Meow….Splat and a little witch’s cat

Halloween has passed but fall has not left us yet. It is still the season of color, warmth, cats and pumpkins. Two charming seasonal stories to share this month are Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin – Picking Plan by Rob Scotton and I am the Witch’s by Harriet Muncaster. In our first story, Splat […]

Tuesday for Twos: Chickies’ Manners

Two-year-olds need a lot of encouragement and modeling to learn manners and tasks. In this charming trio by Janee Trasler, you’ll be able to tackle potty time, dinnertime and bedtime routines. In our first story, Pottytime for Chickies, these chicks are all confused – they have no idea what the potty is for – but […]

The Story Carpet’s “Top Ten”: The Past Year’s Favorites

For this list of the “top ten” 3-5 year old children were consulted – when reading stories repeatedly is requested by young children, you know that the story has had an impact and sparked interest. At the story carpet in real life (Ha ha SCRL), we read scads and scads of books a day. “Can […]

Dusting off the bookshelves…

Yes, we’ve been busy – very busy – we’ve been reading, learning and singing. This year The Story Carpet will be dusting off the shelves, featuring new books, stories and projects for preschool. More than just reading and read-alouds – this year is about connecting reading to all areas of life, learning and extending the […]

Dr. Seuss: Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You?

Hello again! It has been a busy few months. But The Story Carpet has some great tings in store. So stay tuned and we hope to see you at story time. In the last few weeks I have been in search of a great book to share – but kept coming up empty. Then after […]

Wacky Wednesday with Mother Goose

 As we wrap up September story time here at The Story Carpet, we have yet another (new discovery by Miss Shari) Mother Goose book – Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose by Leo & Diane Dillon. This book is fantastic! I LOVE it and this one too, will be going on the Miss Shari’s Favorites. […]

Friday’s Five Minute Review: The Hidden Alphabet

I was at the local library a few weeks ago and I saw this chunky little book on the shelf and I pulled off. I knew I loved this book when I saw the cover – Laura Vaccaro Seeger was featured last year on The Story Carpet for her book First the Egg. Seeger’s bold […]

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