The Year Without a Santa Claus?

This December seems unseasonably warm – The Heat Miser must be to blame as the predicted temperature for the first day of winter is 53 degrees. I had never heard of the movie – The Year Without a Santa Claus – before this month. Yet, I felt compelled to watch it – you know to […]

Tulip and Rex Write a Story

This lovely dancing pair are back with big ideas – Tulip and Rex are dancing and writing a story about their adventures. This wonderfully colorful and imaginative story uses everyday words and concepts to create a whimsical story with Tulip and her dog Rex. Join King Rex and Queen Tulip on their magical adventure in […]

Broccoli wants a home and two girls want a puppy

Who want’s Broccoli? It is the name of a unique and tricky dog who waits among the “hodgepodge of pets at the Beezley’s Animal Shelter”. In this story Broccoli tries his best to win over a loving family. He’s kind of loud and does some crazy tricks but out there is the perfect family ‘who […]

Duck…Duck…GOOSE Goes to School

In this charming school yard tale Sophie must venture to school without her pal, Goose because mom said “Geese don’t go to school.” But on the way and a few sighting throughout the day make Sophie think that Goose is not far away. Join Sophie and Goose in this school day adventure as Goose makes […]

Back to School Reading Again

School is back in session and there is a lot going on this week. With schedules and lunches and bags and buses who has time for anything else? It seems that all the back to school mania can take over. Have no fear a collection of Back to School reading is here. So kick back […]

Sister fun in the sun: A new book by Lennon and Maisy Stella

It’s at the height and heat of summer time. The beaches are packed with vacationers. For little kids the beach is a great experience – the sights, the sounds, the sand, the waves and the water. This summer take time to pack this cute little read, In the Waves by Nashville stars Lennon and Maisy […]

Good Night iPad: Totally disconnected

Well apparently the Story Carpet has been disconnected. What??? How? So, Miss Shari was in a bookstore this past weekend. I mean of course the library or a book store – not unusual. What she discovered was just shocking. I mean how did this wonderful piece of literature escape the attention of The Story Carpet??? […]

Frozen: Olaf loves Summer

I know there has been a great frosty chill in the air – it is starting to get to us – I know. It’s Frozen us to the core and to top it off the kids are still trying to “Let it go.” But they can’t – and neither can we. Lets face it – […]

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Fun Reading, Writing and Self Concept Sentences

Trying to make connections between letters, sounds and sentences can be very tricky. It is hard to know just how much reading, read alouds, phonics activities, writing practice and fun discussions are necessary to make for good reading skill sets – all children are different. Reading quality literature and making associations between written print and […]

The Cat’s Meow….Splat and a little witch’s cat

Halloween has passed but fall has not left us yet. It is still the season of color, warmth, cats and pumpkins. Two charming seasonal stories to share this month are Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin – Picking Plan by Rob Scotton and I am the Witch’s by Harriet Muncaster. In our first story, Splat […]

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