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My name is Shari or Miss Shari, welcome to my children’s story book blog. I have been a preschool teacher and involved in early education for over 10 years. I began my teaching experience in a child care center in Clarks Summit, PA. I was so interested in the minds of little ones that I studied education along with human services and communications.  I was able to gain much experience in the field of child care and education through my work at the child care center. I co-taught preschool and led the classroom activities of the pre-k classroom for nearly 2 years. A preschool curriculum often consists of, circle time, playtime, crafts, singing and yes, you guessed it, story time.

During my teaching experiences, I always noticed the importance of words and books. The children never failed in their requests for story reading and desire to read independently.  For this reason, all of my planning efforts and time centered around the literature of the classroom; Story time and circle time, both consisted of language activities, reading and songs. Story time was always one of the most important parts of the daily schedule in my preschool classroom.

Language immersion was a central part of the classroom, crafts and activities. Even though I knew the children could not read, we began to structure the classroom environment to connect pictures with words. And no matter what the schedule was for the day NOTHING replaced the story time activities that took place. I always felt that the children, at least, deserved and needed a storytime each day. It was the way to connect the days and week’s activites to their lives through story and song. We need to remember that we will be surrounded by language, words and letters for our entire life. Story time and love of reading is one of the most important aspects of the beginning child’s life. From infancy on reading is important. They will grow to love books and reading…they will choose their interests and topics but the love for words and the journey to becoming great readers will be within them.

The adults, who are responsible for the literacy of young children and molding the skills of growing children, should gain knowledge on children’s literature. What is appropriate, what is good and not, how to read a book to children and how to connect children’s’ everyday lives with the stories they read are all aspects that make children’s literature experiences great. Here at Miss Shari’s Story Time blog, I am sharing my skills, experience and opinions on the importance of children’s literature, reading and early learning. I am open to comments, suggestions and discussions. The world of literature is all inclusive for adults and children alike. I hope to see you at the “story carpet”.

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