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Duck…Duck…GOOSE Goes to School

In this charming school yard tale Sophie must venture to school without her pal, Goose because mom said “Geese don’t go to school.” But on the way and a few sighting throughout the day make Sophie think that Goose is not far away. Join Sophie and Goose in this school day adventure as Goose makes […]

It’s time for a GIVEAWAY: We LOVE school!

The RESULTS ARE IN and they were CLOSE!!! Between the tweets and comments listed, the list of winners is: #1 Maisy Goes to Preschool winner is Katie K.- Congratulations #2 I is for Idea winner is @Sumrthyme – Yay!! Thx for the RTs #3 A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning winner is @113Elle Congratulations […]

Even preschool is back to school…..

There is only one week left and school will be back in session – if not already. But normally, preschool doesn’t begin until after Labor Day! In these last few weeks, storytime has come across some interesting stories.  We can’t forget our pal Pinkalicious -she was reading up on ‘Goofy Gags and Giggles…’ in one of her latest […]

Children’s Books for September Events

The month of September is nearing it’s second phase and is filled with dates and celebrations where you can use children’s literature to supplement and teach your children.  No doubt September is busy, with Labor day and back to school I would have to say this month is jam packed with events, news and holiday celebrations […]